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HIFU Skin Lifting


What is HIFU Skin Lifting and how does it work?

HIFU is another anti-aging solution to prevent skin from sagging by creating a shield for skin using “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound” frequency (HIFU). “HIFU” changes the high ultrasound wave frequency into thermal energy from 65 to 70 degree Celsius (149 to 158 degree Fahrenheit), which sends the heat down under the skin layer only around small focus “Micro Points” with a constant distance between approximately 1 to 1.5 millimeters per each Micro Point.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound sending down underneath is like stitches beneath the skin that would help boost the elastin fiber production and boost the creation of new collagen cells, transforming the skin cells underneath to be tighter, stronger and constantly smoother. With this heat technology, it will not damage the upper skin layer or disturb the surrounding irrelevant tissues.

Who are the good candidates for HIFU Lifting?

  • Patients who want a skin lift who had no prior surgical treatments involved
  • Patients who want to sharpen their jawlines, V-shape face with no signs of needle jabbing
  • Patients who are 20 or above with sagging skin problems but should not be over 45 by the doctor’s considerations
  • Patients who have deep furrow problems, unsmoothed skin, tear troughs, crow’s lines, nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, and mouth frowns
  • Patients who have neck wattle which causes unsharpen facial structure
  • Patients who have enlarged pores and unmoisturized skin
  • Patients who want to stay in shape by firming their upper arms, thighs, belly, and hips

What can HIFU Lifting do?

Many benefits come with HIFU Skin Lifting technique including no needles, no surgery, and guarantee with high safety standards where given the better skin results:

  • Lifting fullness skin for a V-Shape facial structure
  • Restoring deep furrows, smoothing forehead lines
  • Restoring the frown lines
  • Restoring crow’s lines
  • Restoring nasolabial folds for the brighter and younger smiles
  • Lifting mouth frowns
  • Lifting neck wattle to enhance rejuvenation facial structure
  • Reducing the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Boosting the production of new collagen cells and elastin fibers
  • Smoother, brighter overall skin
  • Firmly upper arms, thighs, belly, hips

How painful is it after HIFU Lifting?

During the HIFU Lifting process, patients would not feel any pain at all, rather, would feel the warmth in certain areas like (pulling and tightening) beneath the skin. Normally, before the HIFU Lifting process, we will do a facial mark of anesthetic for 45 minutes to help relax the skin; however, people who have not received the anesthetic would also not feel any pain.

Who is not suitable for HIFU Lifting?

  • Patients who are 45 or above with extreme sagging skin by doctor’s considerations
  • Patients who have medical electronic devices implanted e.g. cardioverter-defibrillator
  • Patients who are pregnant

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